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roof repair haslet tx 2Roofs are supposed to last and be in service for a long time. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to fall prey to wear and tear and sustain damage over the years. And they can also be damaged all of a sudden from severe weather conditions and similar events. Contact us at Haslet’s Best Roofing and Repairs to get a free inspection.

The Causes of Roof Damage

Extreme weather can definitely cause roof damage. Tornadoes and strong winds can carry debris that can hit your roof and cause serious damage to it. Hail storms might force you to have your roof replaced. Fallen trees can fall right onto your roof and cause tremendous damage.

There are other potential causes of roof damage other than extreme weather. It could also be caused by seasonal changes that happen in temperatures. For example, freezing and then thawing is a potential cause of damage and even leads to leaks.

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roof repair haslet tx 3Age of Roof
You can’t predict how long your roof will last. Even if it’s made from quality material and built to last for 20 to 30 years. Incidentally, that’s how long asphalt roofs are supposed to last. Some roofing materials can last even longer than that if they receive proper care and maintenance, like metal and tile.

Different factors could come into play and affect just how long your roof will last. It might be from wear and tear or it might be from the effects of extreme weather. Those factors can certainly contribute to shortening the lifespan of your roof significantly.

Shingle Deterioration
Shingle deterioration affects all roofs. However, it’s not the same for every roof as some experience it faster than others. Shingles mainly deteriorate because of their exposure to different types of weather conditions.

Exposure to the extreme heat of the sun can wear down shingles considerably. The presence of strong and high winds can easily blow off shingles from your roof and that would leave your roof deck exposed. On the other hand, hail can damage and cause granule loss in the shingles. That could make them less effective in providing protection to your home.

So in case you notice that your roof has shingles that are suffering from wear and tear for whatever reason, have them inspected right away. Roofing inspections performed by experts can easily locate the source of the problem. They can also help you decide whether your shingles require repair or replacement.

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