These 5 Things Can Void Your Roof’s Warranty

Homeowners who recently purchased a new roof and have it installed by a respected roofing contractor in New Britain, CT, usually come with a warranty. All reputable roofing contractors always offer varying warranty coverages that protect homeowners from manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize that there are also some things they can do to void their warranties.

To help homeowners, the Roofer of New Britain shares five of the most common things that can void your roof’s warranty.

  1. Improper Installation

Ensuring your roof is installed correctly is the best way you can guarantee its longevity. It’s also one of the primary reasons why homeowners should only hire reputable roofing contractors in New Britain, CT. Unfortunately, many homeowners would instead settle on amateur roofers who offer their services at a lower price. This is because incorrect installation may void the roofing materials warranty. Manufacturers often release instructions on installing their products; if installers don’t adhere to them, they won’t stand behind their products.

  1. Inadequate Attic Ventilation

Your attic plays a crucial role in preserving your roof. The trapped hot and cold air may reduce your roof’s lifespan if there’s not enough air circulating in your attic. And much like the reason mentioned above, most manufacturers won’t back up their products if your attic is inadequately ventilated. You can only guarantee a well-ventilated attic that relies on your contractor’s workmanship. This is why we here at the Roofing Contractor of New Britain emphasize the need for homeowners to only choose a trustworthy and professional roofing contractor.

  1. Choosing a Different Contractor to Work on Your Roof

Your roofing contractor will give you a warranty to protect your investment. However, you void your workmanship warranty if you hire another contractor to work on your roofs for repairs or skylight installation. Roofing contractors won’t stand behind the quality of something they didn’t work on, especially if another contractor messes with their workmanship. Remember that installing other miscellaneous parts, such as skylights, wouldn’t necessarily tamper with the warranty, so it’s best to talk to your contractor about their warranty terms and conditions.

  1. DIY Roofing

The internet provides many resources and has encouraged more homeowners to DIY their roof repairs. But if you choose to work on your roof yourself, you inevitably void your roof’s warranty. Since you mess up their work, they are by no means responsible for any damages you’ve done to your roof. Before doing any work on your roof, be sure to contact your contractor first.

  1. Pressure Washing Your Roof

It’s natural for roofs to develop algae streaks, especially if they get old. While some homeowners don’t find it a severe issue, others do, so they find ways to remove those streaks through their efforts. The first thing that usually pops into mind when this issue occurs is pressure washing, but homeowners should think twice before doing so,

Pressure washing can damage and remove the protective granules of the shingles and can void both manufacturer and workmanship warranty. If you genuinely want to eliminate those algae streaks, you need to hire a professional roof cleaner and not a roofing contractor.

The Roofer of New Britain urges all homeowners to be careful with the actions they do to their roofs. They may void its manufacturer or workmanship warranty if they’re not careful. Contact us today if you require warranty-protected yet affordable solutions to your roofing needs.

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